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Employees at Energiforsyningen Køge faced a difficult challenge. Following a municipal merger in 2007, they had to operate four different PLC systems when servicing wastewater alarms on site at the municipality’s 190 pump stations. Operations Manager Bill Glentved felt this was an unreasonable demand. Since the electronic systems in many of the stations were quite ancient, he took the opportunity more than three years ago to review the latest technology on the market. “I looked at the various control systems with my team, with the aim of selecting one system for all of the municipality’s pump stations. During this process we realised the benefits of choosing a ‘gold standard’ system from the outset – a system which included intelligent motor protection, to give us even more functionality and more information to guide control activities,” explains Bill Glentved. “Many would probably choose to save the costs of motor protection, but I believe those few hundred euros per station were a good investment – compared to the cost of the entire plant. Christian Eckhardt Poulsen, Sales Manager from the new Team Controls at Grundfos fully agrees. In consultation with Bill
Glentved, Grundfos proposed a combined control/motor protection system which was installed in the first few stations three years ago for testing, and then subsequently in the remaining stations.

Preventative maintenance

“We installed a Grundfos Dedicated Controls system with CIM-250 GPRS communication to the industrial control system (ICS). We also installed the advanced MP204 motor protection or CUE frequency converters on pumps larger than 7.5 kW,” says Christian Eckhardt Poulsen, who calls the system ‘preventative maintenance’ . The intelligent motor protection protects the pump in a number of ways. For example, if a rag becomes lodged or the pump runs dry, the motor protection stops the pump and attempts to restart three times during the next 24 hours. If the pump fails to restart, an alarm is sent to the ICS. The motor protection also checks the insulation resistance prior to start-up. “In the past if we wanted to check the pump we had to use a clip-on ammeter on site. Now we don’t need any instruments and can see everything remotely on the screen,” explains Bill Glentved. The impressive control screens have made Bill Glentved and his team very satisfied with Dedicated Controls.


“Dedicated Controls has an intuitive structure. A new employee can learn to use the system simply by skimming through
the electronic guide. It doesn’t take long, because the illustrations and text on the colour display are quite intuitive,” explains Bill Glentved, who chose the Grundfos system with the full support of his team. The system was also easy to set up. Grundfos reads in pump data, and then Dedicated Controls automatically manages pump operation and monitoring. Grundfos has developed drivers to allow the system to run on all common ICS systems. “If the ICS fails there is a backup system. Dedicated Controls sends text messages containing alarms directly to our 24-hour service telephone,” says Bill Glentved. “The text message reports whether it is a high water alarm, thermal fault, etc, and we have defined in advance whether each alarm requires an out-of-hours response, or can wait.”

Future now – with ease

“Dedicated Controls allows us to register virtually whatever we want – far more information than we need today. But the options exist, and who can predict what our future needs will be?” says the operations manager. This is also Christian Eckhardt Poulsen’s key argument for Dedicated Controls. “We call it ‘Future now’. The advantage of the system is that you don’t have to invest in new pump control panels or other hardware in order to upgrade to the next generation. We drop by and install the new programs – and that’s it. The first Dedicated Controls system we installed around five years ago has just been upgraded to the latest version.”

Calculate flow based on pressure

60 of the renovated pump stations in Køge municipality are about to undergo yet another upgrade. Pressure meters will be installed on the discharge pipes to allow flow to be calculated based on pressure, using the patented algorithm Grundfos has developed. “With modest equipment we are able to continually diagnose the entire pump station,” explains Christian Eckhardt Poulsen. “For an investment of just a few hundred euros you get a pressure reading which is accurate enough to evaluate whether the station needs to be inspected. The algorithm allows us to determine the reason for any changes in performance. If the operating pressure is elevated but the starting pressure is unchanged it means that the pipe resistance has increased, and it would be a good idea to send a cleaning pig through the pipe. However, if the operating pressure is reduced and the starting pressure is unchanged it indicates that the pipe resistance is reduced. This may indicate a rupture or leaking non-return valve. Finally, if both the operating pressure and starting pressure are reduced it shows that pump performance is inadequate and the pump needs to be inspected.” Christian Eckhardt Poulsen considers flow to be a good basis for evaluating future operation. Rather than looking at the number of starts and hours of operation, he believes you should consider the operating point that the pumps have been dimensioned for. For Bill Glentved, measuring pressure is an attractive alternative to investing 1,500- 3,000 euros in a traditional magnetic flow meter that only measures flow. The solution from Grundfos integrates the information with the other data in Dedicated Controls, which is also supplemented by information from the pumps with frequency converters . Frequency converters allow you to minimise starting current and ensure automatic energy optimisation, as the system is capable of calculating Specific Energy – the kWh consumption per m3. The system is updated once a day to ensure there is regular compensation for changes in the pump capacity and back pressure in the pipe.


190 pump stations at Energiforsyningen Køge are now future-proof using Grundfos Dedicated Controls. The energy utility chose to add extra depth to the system using advanced motor protection, frequency converters and flow calculation based on pressure. The extended functionality provides much better control of the stations and reduces the need for maintenance.


Køge, Denmark


Energiforsyningen Køge


Facts about Dedicated Controls

  • Start/stop of wastewater pumps using float switches, analogue
    pressure sensors or ultrasound sensors
  • Alternating operation of two pumps
  • Spillover measurement
  • Alarms and warnings
  • Advanced alarm tables
  • Flow calculation
  • Daily emptying
  • Mixer or flush valve control
  • CUE and VFD support
  • Energy optimisation
  • Easy installation and configuration via start-up guide
  • Advanced data communication via GSM/GPRS to BMS and SCADA systems
  • Text message alarms and status reports (sends and receives)
  • Support tool for PC and data logging
  • Electrical diagram for easy troubleshooting.
MP 204

Grundfos MP 204 monitors the following parameters

  • Insulation resistance prior to start-up
  • Temperature (Tempcon, PT sensor and PTC/thermal switch)
  • Overload/underload
  • Overvoltage/undervoltage
  • Phase sequence
  • Phase missing
  • Power factor
  • Power consumption
  • Harmonic distortion
  • Run and start capacitor (single-phase)
  • Operating hours and number of starts.

Good teamwork surrounding the entire solution

“I only have positive things to say about the solution we have received,” says Bill Glentved. He also praises the cooperation surrounding the entire system, where Grundfos supplied complete pump control panels including outdoor enclosures, electrical and construction work and complete CE marking. “Christian and his colleagues have been very good sparring partners. You can always reach them if you have questions – even outside working hours. There have never been any technical faults in the system. A single backup battery has been replaced – at no charge,” says Bill Glentved. He therefore has no hesitation about choosing Dedicated Controls for the 90 pump stations to be installed outdoors in the months ahead in cooperation with Køge municipality’s Planning and Project department.



If you need a similar solution, please contact us for further information.


If you need a similar solution, please contact us for further information.

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