Grundfos flood control solution keeps Book City high and dry



South Korea’s Paju Book City, an ambitious new town based exclusively around the business of publishing, is a remarkable and unexpected architectural endeavour. Located 30km north-west of Seoul, it features buildings by some of the finest architects working in the world today.

The situation

The fact that Paju Book City is built on marshland, former flood plains and paddy fields means that it is always at risk of flooding, particularly during the heavy rains in the summer. With just one pumping station built 20 years ago, the municipal authorities quickly realised that this was insufficient for the new city, especially as average rainfall was on the rise.

Grundfos was well placed to help them increase capabilities. In 2008, Grundfos acquired KJI Co of Korea, a company with a long history of manufacturing flood control pumps. Moreover, the company boasted an impressive R&D facility, and a team with extensive experience of the complexities of flood control.

The Grundfos solution

Grundfos Korea was involved with the Paju project right from the start. It helped with the analysis and audit of the situation and advised that a new pumping station was needed. As the project developed, team Grundfos provided engineering and consulting services, flood control expertise and, of course, the Grundfos pumps.

The first phase of the project, in 2007, was to significantly boost the capacity of the existing pumping station with the addition of 3 Grundfos KPL submersible propeller pumps. When the Munbal Pumping Station was ready in 2011, these pumps were transferred to the new
facility, which was already equipped with 7 KPL pumps. The completion date for the entire project, which includes an eco park, is later in 2012.

The outcome

Flood control places stringent demands on the pumping solution, not least with regards to reliability. Through a combination of technical know-how, industry leadership and solution-oriented product development, Grundfos was able to supply pumps for high volume water handling, tailored and optimised for the new Munbal Pumping Station.

The 10 Grundfos submersible KPL propeller pumps provide a total pumping capability of over 4,000 cubic metres (that’s roughly the amount of water contained in two Olympic-sized swimming pools) a minute. The pumps combine quality elements inside a compact design and despite their power, they require surprisingly little space. They are also easily installed, drastically reducing construction costs.

But what’s unique about the Munbal Pumping Station is that it’s designed to complement the stunning architecture and natural environment of Paju Book City. Walkways and an observation platform were built on top of the station so visitors can look over the Han River on one side - a great spot for watching migrating birds – and on the other side, the eco-park and reservoir.

In line with its commitment to green principles and sustainability, Grundfos helped the Paju municipal authorities turn what could have been a run-of-the-mill pumping station into something that not only prevents flooding but also complements the environment of an extraordinary modern city.




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Paju Book City, South Korea


Paju City

grundfos case story: Grundfos flood control solution keeps Book City high and dry
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Paju City South Korea Flood control pumping station


If you need a similar solution, please contact us for further information.


If you need a similar solution, please contact us for further information.

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