Grundfos pumps will help protect St. Petersburg against floods



Grundfos equipment is installed at dock discharge and fire fighting systems of the Saint Petersburg Flood Prevention Facility Complex.

The Flood Prevention Facilities of St. Petersburg (‘KZS’) are a complex of dams and related hydraulic structures situated in the water area of the Gulf of Finland and extending for 25.4 km. The KZS comprises two navigation passes (C1 and C2) with approach canals, six water gates (B1 – B6), eleven protective dams (Д1 – Д11) and a six-lane highway with a tunnel, bridges and road interchanges passing on top of the protective dams.

The Situation
Navigation pass C1 is one of the most important facilities of the Complex. It consists of floating segmental gates, a motorway tunnel under the navigable canal (the canal’s width is 200 m and the oversill water is 16 m), as well as other engineering structures providing for its functioning. Under normal conditions the segmental gates (floating gates) are located in ‘dry’ docks. When a flood threatens, the dock chambers are filled with water, the floating gates rise to the surface and are moved to the middle of the navigable canal reducing the storm surge degree of impact upon the Neva Bay water area. When the flood danger recedes, the floating gates are led back into the docks and the water is pumped out.

The Solution
The the draining of the dock chambers, is executed by Grundfos equipment. For this purpose three Grundfos S1 pump units are installed at each of the pump stations at the Northern and Southern sides of the navigable canal (dry vertical installation). The premises of these pump stations are located in cast-in-situ reinforced concrete framing of С1 facility below the water line. The drainage (regeneration) water that may accumulate at the lower level of the hydraulic structure is drained by Grundfos S1 submersible stationary pumps (installed at the level of 22 m below the water line).
All the pumps feature a special design: the flow parts have a protective wear-resistant coating; the submersible pumps are equipped with additional means of protection against corrosion (anodes) and stainless steel impellers.

The outcome
The KZS (Saint Petersburg Flood Prevention Facility Complex) is one of the most important facilities in St. Petersburg protecting the city against the storm surge during floods, that is why the management of our company has decided that it is Grundfos equipment that should be installed at the KZS facilities. We consider Grundfos pumps to be the most reliable among pumps for industrial applications and meeting all the latest requirements imposed to pump units at such important facilities as the KZS,’ Alexander Zlobin, Operations Director of the Saint Petersburg Flood Prevention Facility Complex, says. ‘Grundfos is the world’s leading producer of high-quality pumps that has long deserved its fine reputation.’

It is noteworthy that Grundfos pumps are also successfully employed at other KZS facilities of no less importance, where they provide for the wastewater removal (including those incorporated in complete sewage pumping stations), and in fire-fighting water supply systems. In particular, the fire-fighting pump stations at the Northern and Southern sides of the navigation pass С1 operate CRN90 vertical multi-stage stainless steel pumps, and those at the navigation pass С2 use SPN160 stainless steel submersible pumps.

‘The Grundfos equipment has once again proved its high quality and reliability, it works faultlessly and fulfills the Customer’s expectations in full,’ Konstantin Tyutin, deputy General Director of Promenergo, ZAO (an official dealer and service partner of Grundfos), comments. ‘We are proud of the fact that we have taken part in the designing and construction of such a large-scale facility as the Flood Prevention Complex, which is critical for St. Petersburg.’


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If you need a similar solution, please contact us for further information.


If you need a similar solution, please contact us for further information.