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The capital of Costa Rica, San José is fascinating. It was founded in 1737, but didn’t really experience great importance to Costa Rican society until the end of the nineteenth century. Even so, its population was small as late as the 1950’s, until growing to over 1,000,000 today.

Residents enjoy an almost constant temperature of 20° C year round. Fruit stands, outdoor cafes, and stall vendors all crowd the sidewalks of the city. The population growth of recent years has required the infrastructure to be upgraded.

When the local water supply authorities needed a new pumping station, they turned to Grundfos. An innovative solution to meet their needs was created, with responsibility and foresight, and inventiveness as key elements.


The Situation
In April 2002, the Pumping Department of the Institute of Aqueduct and Sewage (AyA) in San José needed to build a drinking water pumping station in a public street. The location along one side of a highway required that the solution fit inside a concrete box below the surface level. This limited the space available for the installation.

The special installation further required the pump to work automatically, and be maintenance-free. What’s more, operation needed to be virtually silent. There was a prospect to build a housing complex in the property, just in front of where the pumping solution was to be located.


The Grundfos Solution
Bombas Grundfos de México in Monterrey began a close cooperation with the Pumping Department of AyA. The unique demands of the job soon brought them to conclude that a Grundfos BM30-11 booster module in stainless steel would be the proper solution.

Known for its reliability, the BM range features a unique and solid build in an exceptional design. Installing it is a sensible thing to do, in accordance to Grundfos’ core value of Be responsible. This is because Grundfos BM products are known to run for long periods of time without requiring repairs. Its advanced construction allows it to be used in installations either above ground or underwater. This is an example of how Grundfos is innovative, another one core value. Completely leak-free, it can handle pumping pressure of up to 70 bar.


The Outcome
The constant water pressure provided by the BM30-11 is welcomed by the households it serves. Distribution has taken place faithfully for several years, and its operation has been flawless.

The pump’s motor system requires no maintenance, with the engineers from AyA performing only a monthly inspection and measurement of the electrical parameters. This demonstrates the importance Grundfos places on long-term usage of its products, living up to the company’s core value of Think ahead.

Engineer Luis Carlos Durán, Head of the Pumping Department of the AyA expresses his satisfaction.

“We usually install two sets of equipment in each station, but given the space constraints and its location in a public street, we decided to install just one Grundfos pump. For safety, we bought a replacement pump, which is still in our warehouse to this day. More than four years have passed, and the back-up pump still sits unused!" he says.


Maintenance-free pumping - Peace-of-mind - Outstanding reliability


The capital of Costa Rica, San José


Bombas Grundfos de México


  • Maintenance-free pumping
  • Peace-of-mind
  • Outstanding reliability



Grundfos BM30-11 booster module in stainless steel


Grundfos BM30-11 booster module in stainless steel
The compact BM30-11 booster system fits perfectly in the constrained installation in San Jose, Costa Rica.


  • 1 Grundfos BM30-11 booster system



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If you need a similar solution, please contact us for further information.


If you need a similar solution, please contact us for further information.