Grundfos Unilift pumps perform multitasking job in German household



In developed countries we enjoy easy access to all means of communication, transport and resources such as water and electricity. However, modern households are faced with the fact that free access does not mean free of charge. Water, for example, has become a commodity that is both expensive to use and dispose of again. Like in many other parts of the world, the citizens of several German federal states are facing tough regulations concerning discharging of wastewater, sewage and rainwater from their private houses to the public sewage systems.


Moving into their new house in Wahlstedt in 2002, the Lipp family soon realised that they were dealing with a serious water problem. Excessive moisture in the basement damaged the foundation of the house and produced a rather nasty odour. When, in 2004, a heavy rainwater discharge tax was levied even on rainwater that by natural gravity flows to the public rainwater collection tank on the street, they decided that it was time to find a solution that would solve their drainage problem in the basement and, at the same time, reduce their water discharge expenses.

They set out to find a water specialist who could help them solve their water problems with an integrated, innovative and future-proof solution. As the Grundfos UP circulator pump is renowned for its technological sophistication and high performance, and a natural inhabitant in almost every German home with central heating, the Lipp family decided to look to Grundfos for a professional drainage and pump solution.

Roof surface 163 m²
Outdoor tiles 175 m²
Total 338 m²

“Tax for discharge of surface water to public sewer” 1 EUR/m³

Annual rainfall 700 mm Annual rainwater discharge tax 236,60 EUR


The Grundfos Solution
The outcome was a 350-litre collection tank installed below the ground level of the basement to ensure complete dryness in the house. Grundfos Unilift CC is submerged in the tank and used to drain and pump surface water and rainwater discharged from the roof to the collection tank, and subsequently on to the family’s extensive garden. The Grundfos Unilift CC pumps are specially designed to handle all kinds of domestic drainage and liquid transfer jobs. Apart from their high performance and reliability, the Grundfos Unilift CC pumps excel in durability and robustness, making them virtually maintenance-free and ensuring them a very long life.


The Outcome
The family has effectively got rid of the moisture in the basement, which has greatly improved their home and daily comfort.

Thanks to the innovative Grundfos solution they are now exempt from paying the municipal rainwater discharge tax of approx. 270 Euros per year, as the rainwater is no longer led to the public system but instead used to water the family’s extensive garden – completely free of charge. Mr and Mrs Lipp are thrilled with the fact that not only have they got an integrated solution that solves their water problems, but they also contribute to global sustainability by recycling their excess water.


Home improvements - Multitasking drainage and pump system - Substantial annual savings




Grundfos Germany


  • Home improvements
  • Multitasking drainage and pump system
  • Substantial annual savings
Grundfos Unilift CC pump
The Grundfos Unilift CC pump fully submerged in the drainage pit.


  • Grundfos Unilift CC 7
Grundfos Unilift CC pump
Radiating quality inside out, the Grundfos Unilift CC pump is destined for a long working life.

“The most important issue for us was the quality and the reliability of the pump solution. I don’t want to have to get into the drainage pit every day to fix various problems – I need a pump that works day in and day out. With the Grundfos Unilift solution I got exactly what I wanted – and more”.
Mr Markus Lipp, house owner


Unilift CC



If you need a similar solution, please contact us for further information.


If you need a similar solution, please contact us for further information.