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Kenneth Rasmussen often uses ALPHA2 pumps to create energy savings for both his public and private customers. In the following, he shares some of his experience.

Lolland Municipality employs a climate and energy strategy involving, among other things, "focus on implementing initiatives in its own operations to reduce energy and resource consumption".

These initiatives include regular review of municipal buildings to identify potential savings, and when SEAS (electricity and fibre network utility) recently prepared one of its annual energy reports, pump replacements in several municipal buildings were the result.


Boost your energy profile? Pumps first

Kenneth Rasmussen from the plumbing firm KR VVS in Sakskøbing was given the assignment. "Pumps are the obvious place to start if you want to improve your energy profile, and this also applies to Lolland Municipality. We replaced eight small circulation pumps with new ALPHA2 pumps and also installed a number of new MAGNA pumps, as the two pump series share many of the same benefits."


Surprised by potential savings

In this case the municipality proactively asked for a pump replacement to save energy, but Kenneth often finds in his day-to-day job – which involves being an energy consultant – that the potential savings of replacing pumps surprises people: "We tend to take a look inside the control cabinet during our visit, and whenever we spot an old pump model, we tell the customer how expensive it actually is to operate."


Many are unaware of pump operation costs

Kenneth continues, "People simply have no idea how much power their pump uses – many do not even realise that they actually have a pump! So when we tell them that their old pump may be consuming 50-60 W per hour, whereas a new one uses as little as 5W, they usually ask us to replace it immediately."


Savings guide convinces customers

"We often use the Grundfos savings guide when we talk to customers. This material is excellent for showing them how much they can save a year. The charts are easy for the customers to read, and the numbers alone convince them."


Short payback time most efficient

As an energy consultant, Kenneth often finds pumps to be one of the areas where people take action at once, whereas other decisions may be take longer. "There is no doubt that savings are easier to sell to people when the payback time is around two years. Long payback times – and bigger investments, of course – are more difficult to handle."


Easy installation and automatic operation

Kenneth sees many advantages in the ALPHA2 pump's easy-to-install design and the AUTOADAPT function.

"First of all, the ALPHA2 pump is really easy to install – and the new terminal box has only made it easier. Furthermore, it is important to customers that the pump continuously adjusts its operation automatically. Because reality in most cases is that they remember to increase the setting of the old pump when the weather turns cold, but they forget to reset it in the spring – resulting in increased energy consumption. A new pump offers savings to customers completely automatically."


Kenneth's tips in brief

• Always consider the pump as a savings opportunity

• Tell consumers that they actually have a circulation pump!

• Explain to them how much electricity it consumes – preferably using material such as the Grundfos savings guide

• Tell them that the ALPHA2 pump is self-adjusting – the customer no longer needs to turn it up and down.

Further information about ALPHA2


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If you need a similar solution, please contact us for further information.


If you need a similar solution, please contact us for further information.

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