Grundfos S-tube® impeller installed in Mashhad, Iran



Grundfos supplied products that ensured a substantial increase of capacity at the Alteymour wastewater treatment plant in Mashhad, Iran, working with the water utility, contractors and consultants locally. In addition to mixers and chlorination systems, the delivery included SE wastewater pumps with the innovative S-tube® impeller and heavy-duty S wastewater pumps.

With more than 3 million people, Mashhad is the second largest city in Iran. A city for religious tourism attracting more than 33 million visitors per year, Mashhad’s economy is also based on saffron and barberry production, exports, and the leather and carpet industry.

One of the main municipal problems in Mashhad is the lack of irrigation water and pollution of the Kashf Rood river due to the discharge of significant quantities of untreated wastewater into the river. Moreover, the existing wastewater treatment plant’s capacity was just 100,000 m3 per day, inadequate for a city of this size. These issues have required the municipality to expand the city’s wastewater transfer networks and treatment plants.

The situation
Alteymour Wastewater Treatment Plant is an MLE (Modified Ludzack-Ettinger) treatment plant with a primary capacity of about 80,000 m3 per day for 472,000 people and target capacity of 167,000 m3 per day for 1,000,000 people. The project budget is IRR 368 billion and the contract type is DBO (Design, Build & Operate) between Mashhad Water & Wastewater Co. and Kayson-Mushrif Co. with Pars Ab Tadbir Co. as the consultant. The project commenced in 2011 and is expected completed in 2014. Sadrab Sanat Co., one of the well-known water and wastewater contractors in Iran, entered the project as Kayson’s sub-contractor for procurement and installation of hydro-mechanical equipment .

The Grundfos solution
Grundfos as a full-line supplier offered solutions for submersible pumps and mixers as well as chlorination and chlorine gas neutralisation (scrubber) systems and was selected as a reputable manufacturer for this equipment. The order was finalised with 31 submersible wastewater pumps in different sizes with accessories, 11 AMG mixers with accessories, 3 chlorination systems each with a capacity of 40 kg/hr and a Chlorine gas neutralisation system suitable for 1000 kg of chlorine gas.

The outcome
The client is very satisfied with its purchase and the professional attitude of Grundfos’ staff in respecting the customer’s needs. This plant is one out of 4 current projects planned to help with wastewater collection in the city of Mashad. The plant covers 30% of the population and when the other projects are built, this will complete the city’s wastewater infrastructure.


Expansion of the city’s wastewater transfer networks and treatment plants.


Alteymour wastewater treatment plant in Mashhad, Iran


Sadrab Sanat Co. (The project MEP Contractor)


The S-tube® offers greater hydraulic efficiency than any other type of wastewater impeller, without compromising free passage. This results in the lowest life cycle cost, trouble free operation and best-in-class non clogging capabilities.



If you need a similar solution, please contact us for further information.


If you need a similar solution, please contact us for further information.