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Grundfos offers a wide selection of pumps for even the most advanced and complex applications, but if they are not installed and commissioned correctly, they will not deliver the performance, reliability and energy efficiency they are capable of. The more complex the installation, the more important it is to make sure that the entire pump solution including controls is set up correctly. One way of achieving this is to add Grundfos service products to your pump investment for a value-added total solution that ensures that you make the most of your pump investment in the short and long term.


The situation

One customer who has taken advantage of Grundfos' capability to deliver end to end solutions is a Portuguese tyre factory owned by a major global tyre manufacturer. Following growth of the factory, it was recently decided to install a new cooling tower for the refrigeration system.

The customer needed pumps with high hydraulic efficiency and high efficiency motors. As the customer had previously purchased Grundfos pumps for another cooling tower at the factory, the decision to purchase new Grundfos pumps was easy; the customer purchased 3 NK pumps with 75 kW IE3 motors and a customised control system for controlling and managing the pumps and fans in the cooling tower. To make sure that the new pumps were installed and started up correctly, the customer also decided to purchase Grundfos service products with the pumps, adding Laser Alignment and Commissioning to the order.


The Grundfos solution

During a Grundfos Laser Alignment, laser optical technology is used to align the motor shaft perfectly to a fraction of a millimetre, ensuring optimum pump efficiency. A Commissioning performed by Grundfos ensures that all system components are fully compatible, correctly installed and aligned, tested and ready to go. When delivered with pumps and controls, these service offerings add tremendous value to the pump solution as the customer may rest assured that the system is adjusted correctly in every detail.

"Without professional commissioning, there is a risk that the pumps will operate at a bad duty point", says Paulo Godinho of Grundfos Portugal who delivered the solution. "With commissioning performed by us, however, the pumps are operating at peak performance. As for the Laser Alignment, it is the most precise alignment you can do on a pump shaft, and when there is no risk of misalignment, you get fewer vibrations which in turn means that components such as bearings and shaft seals do not wear out prematurely. In short, buying this service means reliability and trouble-free operation".


The outcome

With NK pumps, controls, Commissioning and Laser Alignment, the customer got an integrated solution from a single supplier, a solution that integrates commissioning, tests and start-up. Buying a complete pump solution from the industry leader means that the customer can rest assured that everything is taken care of and focus on their core business. "The customer can rely on us to be a total solutions provider and place responsibility for the system in Grundfos' hands", says Paulo Godinho, adding that the customer is satisfied with the solution, recognising its benefits in terms of energy and hydraulic efficiency as well as a higher performance.



Advanced pumps and controls need to be set up correctly to perform well. Grundfos' professional Laser Alignment and Commissioning services turned a delivery of cooling tower pumps and controls into a value-added end-to-end solution at a tyre factory.




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If you need a similar solution, please contact us for further information.


If you need a similar solution, please contact us for further information.

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