Municipality safely send wastewater into the fishing river Hemsil



The Grundfos BioBooster retrofit solution works for Hemsedal municipality in Norway.

The wastewater treatment plant with a membrane bioreactor is ensuring that increased wastewater at a tourist hot spot is efficiently managed and that the vital fishing river remains clean.

Even with up to a fivefold increase in demand during tourist high seasons, Hemsedal's GrundfosBioBooster plant is able to remove phosphorus by more than 99% and bacteria by 100%.


The situation

With skiers, hikers and fishers increasing a Norwegian village’s population tenfold during the high tourist seasons, wastewater management is a serious seasonal issue.

Hemsedal is a small farming community in the mountains of central Norway. In peak seasons, the 2,300 permanent residents are joined by thousands of outdoor enthusiasts. While they bring a much-appreciated income boost to the small community, this seasonal surge in people also results in a lot more wastewater.

Hemsedal has three treatment plants to deal with the wastewater. In 2008, the municipalitydecided to refurbish and expand one of them to cope with the increased load.

We have very strict rules on the discharge of phosphorus into rivers and waters in Norway.So, it was important for us to reconstruct the plant in a way that would protect the watercourseand ensure that we would not contribute to the growth of algae in the river. Says Bjørn Olav Viken, Head of Technical Operations at Hemsedal Municipality.


The solution

The flexibility offered by a modular design appealed to the municipality, with the plant’s MFUs turning on and off automatically depending on variations in inflow. “Its capacity can therefore be easily increased when necessary,” Viken says. “It also takes up considerably less space than a conventional plant. We’re talking about a simple structure filled with advanced technology.” Nergård says that during the start-up phase, frequent checks were carried out. “The specialists at Grundfos were there to help us and came up with improvements the whole time,” he says.


The outcome

Viken is pleased that the treatment plant is fully operational with a capacity that can handle more than the peak season demands. The plant is designed to handle volumes of up to 17 cubic metres per hour.

The highly advanced system, which can also be remotely monitored by Grundfos, is easy to operate. “It takes me just three quarters of an hour three days a week to measure the phosphorus level and sludge quality and to clean and calibrate the sensors,” Nergård says. 


Municipal wastewater treatment


Hemsedal, Norway


Hemsedal Municipality

Ingar Nergård, responsible for the day-to-day operation of the Ulsåk BioBooster plant in Hemsedal

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If you need a similar solution, please contact us for further information.

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