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Grundfos DDD provides constant and stable water pressure for the end users in Kauniainen, a small town in the metropolitan area. The Helsinki Region Environmental Services HSY, which maintains area’s water distribution network, has been able to save energy and running costs as well as decrease non-revenue water in the area.

”We have received significantly less complaints from our customers regarding low water pressure than before” says the waterworks operating manager Pertti Luukkonen from HSY. “It means that the system works.”His comment refers to the new system implemented in Kauniainen during 2014. The old control method of the pumping station enabled only using pumps on constant pressure. This system was replaced with Grundfos Demand Driven Distribution system, which alternates pressure at the booster station according to demand. The system has provided comfort for the end users and increased the stability of the water distribution network.

”Our pipe network is 28 kilometers long with challenging terrains and altitudes. The demand for pressure varies greatly depending on the time of day. Additionally the local ski center with snow making machines adds unpredictability to the overall water demand. We were keeping high pressure all the time so that we could provide water even at peak hours which we did not know when they would occur.”

“The idea of the traditional pressure boosting has really changed. Keeping the system over pressurized increased our energy consumption unnecessarily, caused additional leakages and the risk for pipe failures was always present” Luukkonen says.

HSY was looking for ways to optimize the old water distribution system and Grundfos was simultaneously looking for a pilot project to try out the new Demand Driven Distribution. The implementation of the controller and remote pressure sensors was commissioned in 2014. The late summer and autumn were used to find the optimal level for required pressure. Local industry needs were also taken into account.

”The lowest possible pressure which would still satisfy each customer comfortably was found in a trial period.

The system has also a backup reserve that can be used should the pressure demand suddenly increase. DDD can be adjusted and monitored from an online service through GPRS, but HSY is looking forward for an option to be able to monitor the system in real time.

HSY waterworks engineer Miia Hyttinen confirms that the advantages of the system are substantial. “We have been able to reduce our energy consumption by 15-20%. We have also noted a significant decrease in leakage water especially during nights when the pressure is lower. The main point for us is that our customers are content with their water pressure”, Hyttinen adds.


Energy-saving and running costs as well as decrease non-revenue water in the area


Kauniainen, Finland


Helsinki Region Environmental Services HSY



If you need a similar solution, please contact us for further information.


If you need a similar solution, please contact us for further information.

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