Oxiperm® Pro ensures optimal conditions at Grundfos test facility



At Grundfos headquarters in Bjerringbro, Denmark, one of many test facilities consists of a 250m3 water basin. Grundfos uses this 7-meter-deep basin to test many of its pumps, including the SP submersible pumps. To ensure credible test results, water condition is imperative. For this reason, Grundfos has installed one of its own products, the Oxiperm® Pro, to make sure that the water in the basin is kept in the right quality.

Oxiperm® Pro was originally designed to produce clean and safe water for human consumption. Unfortunately, one of the most widespread health hazards in drinking water installations worldwide is connected to the exceptionally resistant bacteria called Legionella. Legionella exists mainly in hot water systems with a low flow rate or in areas of stagnation. A layer of slime in water pipes called biofilm is the habitat for Legionella and other microorganisms. The bacteria live, breed and thrive in biofilm in temperatures between 30 and 50°C and they constitute a severe health risk.

The situation

Since the water in the basin is only used for testing pumps and not for human consumption, the problem here does not lie in the bacteria but in the biofilm. If the biofilm is not dealt with, it will continue to grow and thereby also contribute to the growth of algae, which then can have an effect on the credibility of the test results. An ideal means of preventing growth of biofilm (and thereby also algae or bacteria), is by using chlorine dioxide (ClO2), which is what the Oxiperm® Pro system produces.

The Solution:

As a plug and play device, the system is easy to install and can be installed anywhere, which can save time and money. Since this specific test facility in Bjerringbro is out in the open, Grundfos has installed the Oxiperm® Pro system in a practical aluminium shed, providing it more than enough shelter from the environment.

The Oxiperm® Pro produces ClO2 by extracting an exact amount of hydrochloric acid (HCl 9 %) and sodium chlorite (NaCIO2 7.5%) from two separate containers and mixing them together in the built-in reaction tank. The chlorine dioxide then passes down to the batch tank where it is stored with a concentration of 2 g CIO2/l water (2000 ppm). Due to the low concentration, the solution is safe to handle and can be stored for several days in the batch tank. The system doses the solution into the water basin with a highly precise dosing rate of 0.5 mg CIO2/l water (0.5 ppm). To ensure high accuracy, the Oxiperm® Pro is equipped with a measurement cell that constantly monitors the amount of ClO2 that is in the water, and thereby making sure that the right amount of solution is being dosed.

Another big advantage by using the Oxiperm® Pro is the low risk of corrosion. Due to the low concentration level of ClO2 (0.5 ppm) and the fact that it has a small impact on stainless steel (in comparison with chlorite), it is a safe disinfectant to use.

Furthermore the system is equipped with a warning system that alerts in case of a malfunction.

The outcome

With the help of a single, easy-to-mount system, Grundfos has achieved a clean and safe outdoor test facility that only requires maintenance every 6 months. Thanks to the system’s low energy consumption and the intelligent way of producing ClO2, Grundfos saves both energy and up to 67% of hydrochloric acid (HCI), compared with other systems in the market.



Oxiperm® Pro ensures the right quality in test basin


Bjerringbro, Denmark



Oxiperm® Pro
Grundfos products used: Oxiperm® Pro OCD-162-10, Measuring cell AQC-D11 and 2 collecting trays (red & blue)


If you need a similar solution, please contact us for further information.


If you need a similar solution, please contact us for further information.