Polish housing society breaks with tradition



THE POJEZIERZE REGION, POLAND: Polish households spend about 12% of their budgets on energy, compared with an average of 4% in the European Union. The over consumption can be attributed to a combination of thermally inefficient buildings and high distribution losses found in Poland. It is estimated that distribution energy losses in some systems amount to 45% compared with a typical figure of 10% in a well-maintained system. Consequently, there is considerable demand for replacement and refurbishment of heat distribution networks.

Bearing in mind that heat prices remain subsidised, it is likely that the next few years will see a series of increases in the real price of heat. The financial burden on households of purchasing energy is therefore likely to increase still further in the neat future.

The Situation

Pojezierze Housing Society was the first organisation to challenge the monopoly traditionally held by the Polish heating companies, when the Society built the largest independent power plant in Poland.
Due to expected rising energy prices, enormous energy losses in the distribution system, and unreliable heating the organisation decided in 2002 to upgrade the heating system that served its 160 apartment blocks in Poland. The project included pipelines and an installation with 128 substations. And obviously a prestigious project of this size and importance attracted the attention of all international pump suppliers.

The Grundfos Solution

Grundfos presented Pojezierze Housing Society with a state-of-the-art solution that was more energy-efficient, reliable, and innovative than any other solution on the market. Based on a positive reputation and encouraging teamwork, the Society considered Grundfos to be the most professional and responsible supplier. Consequently, Grundfos won the contract for providing equipment for domestic hot water recirculation and central heating.
In close cooperation with Pojezierze Housing Society Grundfos installed no fewer than 276 pump units in all, 54 of which were Grundfos MAGNA units, supplementing Grundfos UPE Series 2000 and TPE Series 1000.

The Outcome

Technical manager, Mr Andrzej Gregorczyk, is pleased to inform that both Pojezierze Housing Society and the tenants are very happy with the Grundfos solution: “The Grundfos installation provides our tenants with an extremely reliable supply of heat – and at a reasonable price for that matter. Compared to previous years we get virtually no complaints.

In the first year of operation the Grundfos solution has reduced energy losses significantly. The heat savings resulting from the innovative installation, the fully automated substations and the installation of speed-controlled pumps exceed 14%”.

“When we invested in an independent heating system, we expected a return on investment within five years”, says Mr Gregorczyk. “The Grundfos MAGNA pumps, however, have proved very successful after just one year. In addition the future-oriented Grundfos heating and IT systems open up new opportunities for development and financial prosperity, he adds.


An innovative solution - Reliable water supply - Significant energy savings




Grundfos Poland


  • An innovative solution
  • Reliable water supply
  • Significant energy savings



Grundfos MAGNA pump
Grundfos MAGNA pumps installed in the Pojezierze Housing Society


Grundfos MAGNA pump
Grundfos MAGNA pumps are used within heating and district heating


If you need a similar solution, please contact us for further information.


If you need a similar solution, please contact us for further information.