Sheraton Vancouver



Grundfos has conducted a pump audit and consequent installation of Vancouver's Sheraton Wall Centre pump system, with immediate results.



The megalith Sheraton Wall Centre set against the Vancouver, British Columbia skyline created a unique pumping challenge to the Grundfos team. The south tower of the building is an impressive 49 stories high presenting the challenge of sustaining water pressure at height. Additionally how could the system provide maximum efficiency and thereby build upon the green remit of this building's pumping systems?



Naturally the Sheraton turned to Grundfos as pioneers in reducing electricity consumption through energy efficient pumping. Grundfos conducted a pump audit of the 13-year-old pump system and recommended the MPC BoosterpaQ with CR pumps at variable speed including a controller package. The compact size of the MPC BoosterpaQ avoided breakdown and removal of the original system. The switch to the new system took just three hours ensuring the guest experience remained unaffected.



Almost immediately the financial benefits of reducing electricity consumption could be seen. The variable speed pumps are predicted to reduce electricity consumption from 192,000 kWh per year to 58,000 kWh per year, effectively supplying the entire south tower with a strong water flow for around $100 a month in energy costs.


Efficient pumping


Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada


Sheraton Wall Centre

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If you need a similar solution, please contact us for further information.


If you need a similar solution, please contact us for further information.

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