Spanish winery benefits from cost-efficient pumping



Amidst the otherwise barren landscape of North-eastern Spain, several thousand grapevines are flourishing year round. Each year, the moist winter and early spring give way to the hot and arid days of late spring and summer, and plant growth is inhibited. Sustaining an economical and environmentally sound irrigation solution for the winery was a challenge Grundfos was proud to meet.

Located in the Ebro River Valley, approximately 220 km northeast of Madrid, the winery requires several thousand litres of water each day in the summer months for a new section of plants. With plentiful groundwater and wind, but lacking mains power, a Grundfos SQFlex Wind solution fit in perfectly.

The Situation

Grapevines are accustomed to extracting moisture from the ground, but in the summer, this life-giving humidity is rare. Little natural precipitation falls in the Ebro River Valley this time of year. The owners of the winery required several thousand litres of water each day to sustain their production of grapes for their popular wines. A reduction in the production of wine would be unfortunate for both the company and oneophiles alike.

The Grundfos Solution

A Grundfos SQFlex Wind solution harnesses the warm summer winds as they sweep up the mountainside, providing the power to draw water from a depth of 95 metres below the ground. 1,200 litres per hour flow from the well, irrigating the 3,000 individual grapevines through a drip irrigation system. As the system does not feature any water storage, direct irrigation takes place. The SQFlex Wind solution becomes powered up with as little wind as 4 metres per second.

The Outcome

The first grafts of the grapevines were planted at the end of April 2003. By the end of July, considerable vegetative growth had developed on most of them, and some plants had already developed clusters of grapes. Thanks to the regular contribution of agua fresca – cool water – by the SQFlex Wind solution, this year's vintage was well on its way.


Spanish winery benefits from Grundfos SQFlex Wind solution


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If you need a similar solution, please contact us for further information.


If you need a similar solution, please contact us for further information.

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