SQFlex Combi system provides game reserve with water



The Namibian desert is one of the driest wilderness areas in the world. Even in midwinter, the temperature often soars to over 30°C. When the rain finally comes, it is so heavy that most of it quickly seeps right down through the dry earth to the subsoil and the rest simply evaporates from the surface. The many animal species in the desert cannot survive without water, and are dependent on watering holes.


The Situation

The NamibRand Nature Reserve in Namibia extends over approximately 200,000 ha (2,000 km2) from the Naukluft Park to the west and the Nubib mountain range to the east. The idea behind this reserve was to extend the frontiers of the natural desert environment by integrating a large number of former sheep farms and developing a reserve free of fences, where the wildlife can roam unhindered.


The Grundfos Solution

Mr. Achim Lenssen is the NamibRand Nature Reserve head ranger and he has tried virtually everything to provide the animals with water. "It used to take the best part of a day," he says, "to drive out to a pump and repair it or just top it up with diesel oil. And we had to do that several times a week." In 2002, however, Grundfos installed an SQFlex pumping system that now supplies water to much of the reserve. Wind and solar energy are used together to provide these pumps with electricity so that they can pump up water from reserves 50-100 m below the surface – reliably, silently and without polluting the environment. The Combi system installed at the NamibRand Nature Reserve uses a combination of wind and solar energy. It pumps water from a depth of 60 m to a reservoir located 2 km away and 40 m higher. One of the SQFlex pump systems pump the water higher up to another reservoir. From here, the water is gravity-fed via underground pipes to watering holes spread over 10,000 ha (100 km2). The other two SQFlex pump systems operate individually to cover a similar area of land. They also pump water up to reservoirs on high ground, from where the water flows to the watering holes by gravity.

The Outcome

Mr. Achim Lenssen is very impressed with how reliable the SQFlex units are. "To start with, we kept a close eye on them," he says, "but now they just run on their own. This helps us focus on looking after the animals and the landscape – while also making big savings." Game researchers have also made interesting use of the water provided by the SQFlex units to provide a special watering hole where they can place carcasses to attract vultures. This enables the researchers to then study the behaviour of these birds, which are threatened with extinction in this area.


SQFlex Combi system provides game reserve with water to the NamibRand Nature Reserve


The NamibRand Nature Reserve, Namibia


The NamibRand Nature Reserve in Namibia



If you need a similar solution, please contact us for further information.


If you need a similar solution, please contact us for further information.

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