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For the Kwatella tribe, finding adequate grazing land and water for their livestock has been the driving force in their lives for centuries. Living in Kenya’s northwestern Turkana district, these pastoral nomads have always been on the move, following seasonal patterns of rain, dry spells, and vegetation growth.

Severe droughts in the end of the 1970’s saw the gathering of several nomadic clans around feeding centres, where water and food could be had for both people and livestock alike. The community of Kaikor,
approximately 700 km north west of the Kenyan capital of Nairobi, is one such place. Foreign aid plays an important role in this impoverished area, including the establishment of a permanent water supply.

The Situation

The arid climate in Turkana prohibits sustainable, large-scale farming, thus making the grazing of livestock to be the only viable alternative for the Kwatella. Their herds mainly consist of goats, but also camels, cattle, and donkeys are present. The years of drought have however eradicated many herds. The residents of the Kaikor settlement are those who have lost their animals, and thus their livelihood.

The 2,500 residents of Kaikor were furthermore dependent on shallow wells, dug in riverbeds during the rainy seasons for most of their water. After two or three months, however, these wells would dry out, forcing them to travel long distances for water from springs and boreholes.

The Grundfos Solution

A Grundfos SQFlex Solar solution was donated to the community by an external aid agency. The large solar panels collect the energy from the sun, utilising it to draw water from deep below the parched soil.

The Outcome

Since being installed, the Grundfos SQFlex Solar installation has performed flawlessly, pumping life-giving water to the Turkana and their livestock. Kaikor Water Committee Secretary Mr. Albert Mio expresses the appreciation of the community for the reliability of the Grundfos pump system:

“Since being installed, the Grundfos pump system has performed without any damages or failure to operate. We have not even had to perform the slightest service on it, which is very important, when you are located as far away from the installer company as we are. It is this facility that people really rely on in times of drought. The other boreholes may dry out, but not this one. The nomads even drive their animals from afar to get water here,” he states.


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Kenya, Turkana district


Kwatella tribe



If you need a similar solution, please contact us for further information.


If you need a similar solution, please contact us for further information.

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