SQFlex on the ranch in northern California



When a northern Californian farmer was looking for a way to get a better supply of domestic water, a Grundfos SQFlex solution made it possible to locate the well and the pump in the best place, even though it was a mile and a half from the nearest electricity supply.

The Situation

On a 3,000-acre cattle ranch in northern California, USA, just south of San Francisco, the owner needed a better domestic water supply to deal with the many requirements in a small rural location. Electricity is very expensive, making it a luxury. There is a 2-acre lake on the property that is approximately 14 feet deep, but this simply cannot be used to supply drinking water. Unfortunately, the farm and its buildings were one and a half miles from the nearest electricity supply. It would therefore be way too expensive to lay in a power supply to the location near the buildings where there were plans for sinking a well. Proximity was important in order to be able to pipe the water into the farm. The owner therefore called in a local plumbing company to help devise the best way to tackle this situation.

The Grundfos Solution

Mr. Richard Henry, proprietor of H.R. Henry Plumbing, called on Grundfos USA for the necessary technology, based on the Grundfos reputation for top quality, reliability, and innovation. After considering all the alternatives, a solar powered Grundfos SQFlex installation was decided on, thus making the pump unit completely independent of any need for a power supply. An SQFlex installation has the added advantage of versatility – if electricity becomes available in the future, it is still compatible. The SQFlex pump unit was installed 300 feet down at the bottom of a  4½-inch well, with power supplied by an array of 24 GTF 55 solar modules on the surface.This solar-powered SQFlex configuration made it possible to pump approximately 6 gallons of clean drinking water per minute up from deep below ground. This is easily sufficient to meet the domestic needs on this ranch, despite the fact that the well produces a relatively poor flow.

The Outcome

The system is now used to supply domestic water to both the farm buildings and the cattle troughs via a series of 10,000-gallon storage tanks. There is even sufficient overflow to provide water for a decorative pond. Both the contractor, H.R. Henry Plumbing, and the farmer were very pleased with the final result – which may well serve as a source of inspiration for more sales of this kind of installation.


SQFlex on the ranch in northern California


Northern California, USA


SQFlex supplies domestic water



If you need a similar solution, please contact us for further information.


If you need a similar solution, please contact us for further information.

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