SQFlex Solar provides water supply for villages in Kyrgyzstan



The Central Asian republic Kyrgyzstan is a beautiful country with vast steppe, baren, and mountains up to 7,500 m above sea level. In the former Soviet Union, close to the Chinese border, water is plentiful, especially in the spring after a cold winter’s snow. But it quickly disappears into the porous soil and leaves the poor inhabitants with no other choice than walking miles and miles after good drinking water. Most of them are first or second generation after the nomads who have lived their lives on the steppes for hundreds of years, moving around in search of pasture for their animals. Today they live in small villages and make their outcome from small-scale farming, although many of them still move into the mountains with their animals during the summer months.

The Situation

During the Soviet period, a large number of hydro energy plants were constructed to turn the natural water resources into electricity and consequently many villages were connected to the power lines. Wells were drilled and electrical pumps installed, but the quality of the installations was poor and after the collapse of the Soviet regime there has been no funds for repairing or renewing the installations, most of which have not been working for years. Moreover, the electricity that is still being generated is now sold to the neighboring countries though it is Kyrgyzstan’s almost only natural resource. In the countryside, the remaining electricity is unstable and very expensive for the poor villagers.

The Grundfos Solution

In remote villages in the provinces of Naryn, Kochkor, and Issyk Kul, more than 50 Grundfos SQFlex Solar systems and a few SQ pumps are now being installed in existing wells and boreholes. Grundfos has delivered the systems with every bit and piece needed to raise and run them: modules and support structures, pipes and cables in tailored lengths, fittings, tools, etc. In these remote areas, even a missing screwdriver can be a huge problem. The project is organised via UNDP in Kyrgyzstan and financed by a Danish trust fond. UNDP is also organising the installation work, which is carried out by local craftsmen who received on-site education from a Grundfos specialist.

The Outcome

The easy access to water leaves more time for women and children to cultivate the soil, take care of the animals, and go to school. "It is hard to exaggerate what this means to people. It facilitates their daily village life very much and probably helps reducing the migration of young people to the cities where most don’t get a job anyway. Now they can stay here instead and get a decent income for their families. It suits perfectly well with UNDP’s strategies", says Programme Associate Mr. Adilet Abdybekov, UNDP in Kyrgyzstan. Mr. Orozbek Bekturov, 1st Deputy Governor (Issyk Kul Province), adds: "For these people, this is a great saving. They are very poor and can hardly pay for electricity. Now they have a constant, free water supply at hand".


SQFlex Solar provides water supply for villages in Kyrgyzstan







If you need a similar solution, please contact us for further information.


If you need a similar solution, please contact us for further information.

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