The best farm in Kazakhstan “Amiran AGRO” has chosen reliability of GRUNDFOS pumps




If you look at the southern shore of the Kapchagai reservoir using the Google Earth program, you can see huge circles nearby, as if drawn by a giant compass. Ideal forms of circles indicate their artificial origin. This is the famous farm “Amiran AGRO”. Exactly here is producing 100% natural milk, which has become so popular with the residents of Almaty and Almaty region.

The fields have a round shape, because they are marked for special irrigation machines of the radial type “Pivot”, which move around the circle during irrigation, evenly distributing irrigation water and mineral fertilizers. In the fields, corn, alfalfa, soybeans, wheat and barley are grown, which subsequently are used to feed livestock and are necessary for obtaining high-quality milk.

Here, Holstein-Friesian cows are grown, which is the most popular breed of dairy cattle in the world. Cows of this breed give three times more milk yield than cows of traditional breeds. Cows are kept in super modern cowsheds, built according to American technology. Each cow is equipped with a special sensor that measures the biometric parameters of the animal. Special equipment collects and analyzes the information coming from the sensors for continuous monitoring of the animal's health status.

A special reactor is installed for the processing of manure. The main advantage of this know-how is that the manure processed by the reactor can be immediately transported to the fields, and the resulting after separation liquid provides the best growth of plants and leads to an increase in yield by at least 50%.

Rational use of organic fertilizers, timely planting, timely watering, timely harvesting of crops in a short time are the basis for the operation of the “Amiran” farm, and only in this case the crops become a nutritious feed for the herd and provide high milk yields.


To eventually get high-quality milk and high milk yields, it was necessary to take care of the maximum yield of fodder crops. Productivity directly depends on the timely introduction of fertilizers into soil and uninterrupted irrigation. All equipment that provides watering measures must meet the highest reliability criteria. In the case of pumping equipment, this is especially important. Failures in the supply of water to the fields in the hot climate of the Almaty region are simply unacceptable.


Grupart, the official dealer of Grundfos, offered a solution in terms of pumping equipment, which fully complied with the terms of the project. Since it was required to ensure uninterrupted water supply to the fields and the head and flow needed for radial watering systems, the most powerful and wear-resistant Grundfos pumps, models S1, S2 and SE, were selected. These pumps have received worldwide recognition for their strength, durability and innovative features. These pumps have a high efficiency and excellent ability to prevent clogging due to the large free passage of the impeller.

Additional criteria for the selection of Grundfos pumping equipment are the shortest delivery time, warranty service and availability of service support in Almaty.


The result speaks for itself. 13 powerful Grundfos pumps operate smoothly, feeding water to radial type sprinklers and providing the necessary flow and head parameters. Watering machines tirelessly outline the circles, ensuring a uniform and stable watering
of plants. Cows eventually get a nutritious and balanced feed and have a good milk yield. And lovers of milk have a product of the highest quality on their tables.

Installed equipment

Pumps S1 (with capacity up to 331.2 m³/h) – 6 pcs.

Pumps S2 (with capacity up to 633,6 m³/h) – 6 pcs.

Pump SE (with capacity up to 162 m³/h) – 1 pcs.





Irrigation, Water supply


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Amiran AGRO



If you need a similar solution, please contact us for further information.


If you need a similar solution, please contact us for further information.

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