Ugandan children’s home benefits from SQFlex



Fresh water is not a problem for those who live along the shores of Uganda’s Lake Victoria. The second largest inland body of water in the world, its waters abound with edible fish. On Bombo Island, boiling its waters for drinking purposes had until recently been the normal course of the day. At the Lake Victoria Children’s Home, a residence for children orphaned by AIDS, the children and staff counted this amongst their everyday duties. A Grundfos SQFlex Solar pump system has changed that, enabling them to concentrate on more important matters including schooling, improving their self-confidence, and the development of practical and social skills.

The Situation

Mr. Chris Boxall established the Lake Victoria Children’s Home in 2000 for children whose parents had died of AIDS. This humanitarian effort provides the approximately 30 residents with the opportunity to receive an education, develop their own sense of worth, and have a place to call home. Whilst the water supply in Lake Victoria is indeed plentiful, fetching it from the lake each day was a cumbersome process. Boiling it for purification took additional time. Drawing water from a borehole located close to the settlement was seen as the best solution. The only draw-back was the limited supply of electricity.

The Grundfos Solution

A Grundfos SQFlex Solar solution, with 8 GF 43 Grundfos solar modules, draws its power from the powerful African sun. Literally located on the equator, Bombo Island and the Lake Victoria Children’s Home are not hindered by numerous days without sun. Water is pumped approximately 60 m from the lake to the main residential area. Mr. Chris Boxall and the residents and staff of the home carried out the installation. The SQFlex 0.6-2 pump now reliably pumps 85 l of water per hour to this small community on the island’s ridge.

The Outcome

Clean drinking water flows consistently to the appreciative children and staff of the Lake Victoria Children’s Home. Founder Mr. Chris Boxall speaks highly of the generosity of Grundfos Pumps Ltd., as well as the durability of the SQFlex Solar solution. "The donation of the pump, the solar modules for it, and all the fittings has truly been fantastic. This is a very kind gift and real big deal; every African child’s daily job is to fetch water, and carry it uphill, until their little arms and legs ache. Everyone, including me, went absolutely mad with excite-ment when the water flowed out of the pipe for the first time."


Ugandan children’s home benefits from SQFlex


Lake Victoria, Uganda


Lake Victoria Children’s Home



If you need a similar solution, please contact us for further information.


If you need a similar solution, please contact us for further information.

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