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48 - Heating Systems

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Q: Why is it important to keep an exact flow in condensing gas boiler applications?
A: Condensation of flue gas is only possible at a very high flow.
Q: What causes system imbalance?
A: System imbalance is often caused by pressure loss in longer pipe sections.
Q: How can the MAGNA3 pump ensure optimum condensation?
A: The FLOWLIMIT technology built into the MAGNA3 makes it possible to set a max flow and eliminate the potential overflow area to ensure that the return temperature stays below 57°C.
Q: What characterises a heating system’s life cycle costs?
A: The running costs are significantly higher than the initial investment. A ratio of 20:1 is not uncommon.
Q: What makes balancing heating systems in commercial buildings a challenging task?
A: The distance from the pump to the final consumer means that the pressure can vary widely depending on the flow.
Q: What are the consequences of an unbalanced system?
A: An unbalanced system will add to the energy consumption and also affect the indoor climate of a building.