Product Management Corner


PM Corner

It can be hard to keep up with all the ongoing changes happening with Direct Sensors with now 2 product families, 7 product lines and more than 100 product variants (not counting OEM specific products).

In the PM Corner, we pursue to provide the highlights so our customers can keep the overview.  During 2016, GRUNDFOS completed the change of all cables for our standard sensors to have a higher robustness with an improved cable strain relief. 

You probably didn’t notice, as the change was marginal, but it has had a significant drop in amount of claims regarding bad connections, especially from applications with vibration present. 

Another small change is that we thru testing were able to supply our largest VFI (DN100) with flanges having pressure rating 40 instead of 16 bar, as we started out with due to lack of experience. The flanges can now across all VFIs support the pressure rating of the VFI of 28 bars.

2017 was also there year, where we completed the change of all relevant brass fittings to CW617N to conform with the drinking water requirements of DIN 50930-6. This was the first step towards renewal of our drinking water approvals.