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Vortex Flowsensor Standard (VFS QT)

VFS_QT range

The VFS is a 2in1 flow and temperature sensor using a 5V stable power supply which generally outputs a ratiometric signal from 0.5-3.5V from Flow min. to Flow max.


It has a composite body and insert which goes inside a stainless steel pipe. Fittings for connecting it, can be provided as well.

Enclosure class is IP44.


Viscosity needs to be lower than 2 CSt (either lower concentration of glycol at room temperatures or higher concentration of glycol at higher temperatures).


The Vortex Flowsensor Standard QT comes in 4 ranges:

  • VFS 1-18 l/min        |    0.2-4.8 gpm
  • VFS 2-40 l/min        |    0.4-10.7 gpm
  • VFS 5-100 l/min      |    1.5-26.5 gpm
  • VFS 10-200 l/min    |     2.6-53 gpm

All VFS sensors also measure temperature from 0-120 degrees Celsius (32 to 248 degrees Fahrenheit).

Burst pressure >16 bar (232 psi).

Models available with threads for different worldwide standards (BSPP, NPSM, etc.)

For more information on these products, please download the Flow Databooklet from the right column (below on mobile) on this page.