Sensors options


Grundfos Direct Sensors™ can be provided with various Electrical connections (cable lengths and connectors), as well as various Mechanical connections (nipples, unions, inserts etc). Here is an enumeration of the most important options:

  • Condensation protected sensors: depending on your applications, the sensors can be gelled for protection against condensation or may come with different types of o-rings sealing. This is used especially in cold freshwater applications. All the industrial transmitters are protected against condensation.

  • Cables and connectors:All Grundfos Direct Sensors™ are provided with gold to gold plated connectors. Loose cable ends (pigtail) are available up to 2.9meters upon request for large volume applications. A few examples of available connectors: FCI, Molex Minifit junior, Molex 51004, AMP 103648, STOCKO MKH, Lumberg 3510 and loose cable ends.

  • Fittings: Various mechanical connections are constantly being developed for Grundfos Direct Sensors™ (VFS, RPS, DPS). Please contact us for latest updates on availability and request for large volume applications.

  • Sealing: Depending on your needs and applications, Grundfos Direct Sensors™ come with EPDM or FKM(Viton) O-rings. If you are unsure of which one best suits your application please contact us.