Circulator Replacement

Learn how simple it is to replace an older circulator pump with an ALPHA2 circulator in this 2-minute module.

Welcome to the Alpha2 Pump Replacement training module. In this 2-minute video, we’ll show you how to replace an older pump with our new Alpha2 circulator.

First, switch off the installed pump and remove its power supply. This can be done either by

unplugging the pump’s power chord or by switching off electricity at the relevant power panel.

In heating systems, switch off the boiler as well.

Next, isolate the pump by closing its two shut-off valves.

You can now remove your old pump from the pipework. In this case, we’re removing the whole pump - but in some cases it may actually only be necessary to replace the pump head.

Fit the included gaskets and ensure that the Alpha2 is mounted correctly before tightening the pump unions. When you’re done, reopen the shut-off valves. This will fill the pump with water - and give you time to assemble the Alpha2 plug.

Finally, it’s time to power up the Alpha2. The default control mode AUTOADAPT is the most efficient option in more than 80% of all systems, but the Alpha2 has nine other control modes to choose from if your system has special requirements.

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