Grundfos sales teams sharpen their skills

As part of a campaign to generate growth in pump sales and improve the customer experience throughout the wider Middle East and Africa, the entire sales leadership teams from Grundfos’ GME and SSA areas came together in Dubai on 27th and 28th February, for a boot camp focussed on ‘Helping Sales Sell’.

Whilst the overall objective of the two-day event was to make the sales teams’ time more effective and to improve sales across the regions, delegates were introduced to new sales techniques designed to focus time spent with sales engineers, help prioritise and complete the sale more quickly, thus meeting customer needs  more effectively and reducing wasted effort for both parties.

The new techniques will be particularly useful for customers across the GME and SSE regions where sales are heavily focussed on major projects, and pumping  systems can be a crucial element of a complex specification and fundamental to the successful operation of the whole project.

As part of the process, sales leaders were presented with a simpler sales dashboard to support them in managing sales and opportunities for their teams, whilst ensuring that customers continue to receive the highest level of support throughout their project.

Combining presentation and teaching periods with group discussions, during which delegates were able to exchange intelligence and experiences with colleagues from  different areas, the event also included a number of role-playing opportunities which were enthusiastically supported by all of the teams.

Following the initial two-day event, a team of special ‘supporters’ is spending ten weeks working alongside sales leaders in their own areas, helping them develop the new skills they have learnt and supporting them as they begin to coach their sales engineers in the new systems and processes.