Grundfos urges Handball fans to wave for UN Sustainable Development Goals

Since the United Nations, in 2015, published its list of Sustainable Development
Goals (SGDs) designed to end poverty, protect the planet and improve health and prosperity for all, Grundfos’ global focus on sustainability and expertise in water technology and energy-efficient pumping systems has placed it at the forefront of efforts to achieve two of the key goals – Goal 6, regarding clean water and sanitation and Goal 13, designed to address Climate Change. 

As part of a high-profile campaign to support its work, the company has now taken
the opportunity presented by its sponsorship of World Handball, to drive home the Goal 6 and Goal 13 messages to millions of sports fans worldwide through its ‘Do the Wave’ initiative. 

As IHF partner and official sponsor for the 2018 Women’s Handball Championship, which took place from 29th November to 16th December, Grundfos ran a campaign inviting fans to participate in a fun competition on Instagram and Facebook which involved them posting a photograph or video of an individual or group ‘Wave’. One submission was then chosen at random on each match day to win an IHF championship X500 handball, signed by the individual’s national team. 

The initiative was so successful that Grundfos is repeating it for the 2019 Men’s
World Championship
which starts on 10th January. With Grundfos businesses in Egypt, one of the countries taking part in the Men’s World Championship, local fans are also being urged to support their teams in order to increase visibility for the company’s Goal 6 and Goal 9 campaign. Egypt Handball supporters can follow this link to know more about Grundfos’ UN Sustainable Development Goals initiative and to take part in the competition to win a signed IHF World Championship Handball.  

“With 800 million people worldwide still without access to clean drinking water and climate change beginning to have disastrous consequences in many countries, it is imperative that we all share the responsibility and support the United Nations SDG’s”, said Ehab Ehsak, Area Managing Director – North Eastern Africa and Saudi Arabia. “Our sponsorship and support for IHF World Handball is just one of the ways in which Grundfos globally is spreading the word and supporting the United Nation’s campaign”.