Our employee programme

Grundfos employees help relieve world water shortage

In 2008, a Grundfos employee suggested that as Grundfos is producing pump systems designed for developing countries, why don’t we as employees collect funds to give fellow human beings living in the poorest areas of the world access to clean water? This led to the creation of our employee programme: Water2Life.

Global climate changes and imbalances are putting a continuously stronger strain on the world’s water situation. Floods, drought and pollution are some of the challenges that poor people in particular are facing on a daily basis. Our employees want to take responsibility and help alleviate some of these water challenges in order to give these people access to one of the fundamentals of life: clean water.

Partnerships with local NGO's

Water2Life is based on partnerships with local NGOs, local businesses and the local people. Working through partnerships is one of the key factors for Water2Life and for making Water2Life so well received by the locals in the areas where Water2Life operates. It ensures a sustainable and long termed development. We partnered with Red Cross in Kenya, Thrive Networks in Vietnam, and will partner with Watermission in Honduras

How we collect and donate

Grundfos employees collect funds through different activities. Water2Life ambassadors arrange these activities together with their colleagues. Together they work voluntarily for a good cause while socializing with colleagues across the organisation and at the same time acting socially responsibly. In addition to the funds of the employees, Grundfos also contributes. The employees contribute 50% of a water system, and Grundfos contributes with the remaining 50%.

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