Grundfos Hydrogen Sulphide Solution

Solving H2S issues based on actual operating conditions

Hydrogen sulphide causes odour and corrosion in sewer systems, and it can pose a serious health hazard to operating staff. The presence of hydrogen sulphide depends on many factors, and problems can therefore be hard to predict.

Grundfos Hydrogen Sulphide Solution automatically monitors actual conditions in sewers and manholes. It measures all H2S occurrences in the manhole. Based on these measurements, the optimal dosage is found and used in the wastewater over the subsequent days. Over time, dosage is regulated to meet daily and seasonal variations.

The result? Efficient removal of odour and corrosion issues, and reduced chemical consumption. And because the Grundfos Hydrogen Sulphide Solution is fully automatic, operating staff does not need to spend precious time measuring H2S levels or adjusting chemical volumes.

Watch our animated film explaining the issue

Hydrogen sulphide formation in sewer systems is a complex process. Get a quick introduction with our short animated film.

Fully integrated turnkey solution

The Grundfos Hydrogen Sulphide Solution consists of several fully integrated Grundfos components. For more details and technical specifications on the components, click the links below.

Grundfos hydrogen sulphide solution

Integrated Grundfos components solve a common problem in the wastewater sector. This automated solution eliminates hydrogen sulphide.

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Grundfos Remote Management (GRM)

Internet based monitoring and control system for pumping installations in e.g. wastewater applications.

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Grundfos Dedicated Controls

Complete wastewater pump control solution which can be configured for many different tasks.

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SMART Digital dosing pump

Digital membrane dosing pump which allows extremely accurate dosing of even small liquid volumes.

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Complex problems

Demands for efficiency in the wastewater sector continue to increase, and wastewater treatment increasingly is centralised. This means that wastewater is often transported over great distances using pressurised pipes. In such pipes, anaerobic conditions can often lead to the formation of hydrogen sulphide which creates several problems for utility companies.

Hydrogen sulphide formation in sewers is a complex process that depends on many factors, including temperature, the composition of the wastewater, retention time in the pipes, and when and for how long the manhole pump is running. An ideal solution to hydrogen sulphide problems must take all of these factors into account. It must be based on actual operational conditions in order to deal with this unpredictability. This is precisely the approach that has led to the Grundfos Hydrogen Sulphide Solution.

Integrated solution ensures unbeatable reliability

The heart of the Grundfos Hydrogen Sulphide Solution is an advanced control algorithm, implemented in Grundfos Remote Management (GRM). GRM receives signals from a gasphase logger installed in a manhole. The logger measures H2S levels once every 15 seconds and sends measurements to GRM which also receives flow measurements from Grundfos Dedicated Controls. The setpoint is adjusted frequently to avoid overdosing.

Based on the data received, the algorithm automatically calculates the correct dosing setpoint for chemicals such as iron sulphate. It then transmits information on the calculated setpoint for dosing to a Grundfos SMART Digital dosing pump which handles the chemical dosing with great accuracy, even at varying flow patterns. Communication between the devices is handled through a Grundfos CIU communication unit. The main system components are manufactured by Grundfos, ensuring seamless integration with optimal use of each individual component, ease of operation and unbeatable reliability.

Several benefits in your daily work

The Grundfos Hydrogen Sulphide Solution eases your daily work in many ways. The algorithm adapts the dosing amount to current demands in the pumping main, and the operating staff do not need to control dosing manually. GRM issues a warning in case of problems, and the staff can access the internet based system at any time to view operational status and make any necessary adjustments. Depending on requirements, system threshold values can be set to abate odour and/or corrosion issues, making the solution suitable for any A to B single-line sewer installation.

The Grundfos Hydrogen Sulphide Solution provides several benefits:

Efficient: odour and/or corrosion issues are removed.

Economical: the solution only doses the exact amount needed, providing chemical savings. When the system is set up to reduce corrosion, pipes and other equipment do not degrade at the same rate.

Easily manageable: web-based monitoring provides a complete, real-time overview of system status.

Labour saving: the fully automated solution frees up staff time for other tasks.

Case story

When Danish utility company Mariagerfjord Vand A/S experienced hydrogen sulphide issues in a challenging pumping main, Grundfos Hydrogen Sulphide Solution quickly solved the problems. All odour issues have vanished, and Mariagerfjord Vand A/S has managed to cut chemical expenses by 70% in the affected area. "The hydrogen sulphide sensor indicates zero, and the complaints have stopped", says Operational Manager Brian Frost.

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  • Efficient
  • Economical
  • Easily manageable
  • Labour saving

Grundfos hydrogen sulphide solution

Integrated Grundfos components solve a common problem in the wastewater sector. This automated solution eliminates hydrogen sulphide.

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Christian Schou is Application Manager working in Grundfos’ Water Utility segment.

He has held a key role developing the Grundfos Hydrogen Sulphide Solution. Christian has a background as a Master of Science in Microbiology.

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