Machine tool: Intelligent immersible pumps

Are you looking to optimise your machine tool, filtration, part washing and temperature control systems?

Precise pump speed and control are essential for machining systems. Even the smallest fluctuation in flow or pressure could reduce the quality of end-products, increase the wear on tools and slow down production. Intelligent pump solutions from Grundfos can integrate with your overall system, monitor the hydraulic system and automatically adjust to different duty points to run more efficiently. This reduces life-cycle and energy costs, while extending the life of your systems. 

With Grundfos iSOLUTIONS you can:

  • Increase reliability with automatic pump speed adjustments based on demand
  • Optimise full-speed operations, while maintaining full control
  • Reduce heat transfers to coolants and energy consumption
  • Reduce energy and operational costs
  • Reduce capital costs (smaller pumps and fewer components)
  • Integrate your intelligent pumps with the overall machine tool control system
  • Achieve a fully automated system that supports Industry 4.0

Expertly tailored to your needs

When you choose Grundfos iSOLUTIONS, our machining experts will work with you to tailor your pumps to the precise requirements of your specific machining systems. You get a single point of contact for the design, installation and maintenance of your system.

Learn more about machine tool pumps with integrated frequency converters, and what they can do to optimise your machining system. Download our Machine Tool white paper.

Meet our machining industry expert

Watch the video and hear our expert, Business Development Manager Kent B. Kynde, explain about the special features of Grundfos iSOLUTIONS in machining.

Get 10% extra energy savings out of the box with IE5 motors

Optimise your machine tool systems with one of the world’s most efficient motors with IE5 certification. They offer 10% energy savings and up to 25% reduction in payback time in controlled E-pumps compared to IE3-certified solutions. 

Do you want to experience the benefits of extreme energy efficiency and outstanding pump performance?




Find the best energy-efficient pump fast

Calculating energy consumption can be time consuming, but here you can easily find the most efficient pump.  Click here to quickly and easily calculate, compare and evaluate pumps based on life-cycle costs.






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