Grundfos iSOLUTIONS - Water Conditioning in Cooling towers

Intelligent water conditioning and blowdown control

Cooling tower water treatment is an important part of many industrial processes. If the water does not fulfil the requirements in terms of chemical and biological parameters, the operation can be costly and ineffective. Avoiding biological contamination and maintaining proper water quality optimises cooling water’s operational efficiency. 

Water conditioning for this purpose requires extremely accurate dosing of chemicals. Manual dosing and correct compliance reporting to authorities can be challenging and time consuming, and incorrect handling can have fatal consequences. Grundfos iSOLUTIONS help industries optimise cooling tower water treatment solutions, ensuring reliable chemical management to prevent fouling, corrosion and scaling. This results in reduced chemical, water and energy consumption and easy compliance reporting when authorities require.

Minimise costs with intelligent chemical dosing

Chemical dosing is crucial for preparing raw water for the next stage in the treatment process or for water conditioning. When adding chemicals, the safety of operators is critical along with water quality and compliance to regulations. Watch our water treatment expert explain how Grundfos iSOLUTIONS can help you minimise this complexity and maximise safety – while saving time and money.

Safe, effective water conditioning 

A European metal-mechanic company was experiencing operation troubles that
traced back to its cooling towers. The company used manual dosing procedures
that carried a risk of imprecise chemical use that could lead to
contamination. Grundfos suggested an intelligent solution that is expected to
deliver smoother operations, better bacteria control, easier compliance
reporting and water savings.

Reduce the risk of contamination in cooling towers

The water used in industrial cooling towers has special needs and requirements.
If the water does not meet certain chemical and biological parameters, the
cooling operation can be costly and inefficient. It can also lead to
biological contamination that can result in legionella and other health

In this new white paper from Grundfos, discover a reliable method of
treating cooling tower water, which, in conjunction with blowdown
optimisation, represents the greatest opportunity for improvements in water
safety and efficiency.

The chemical management app

Designed to make life easier for facility managers and operators, the newly developed chemical management app from Grundfos measures system-relevant data online and produces compliance reports on request. The app improves user safety by ensuring that only the right chemicals are used in the chemical treatment system. It even shows warnings, stops and chemical status in real-time, improving uptime.


Intelligent pump solutions in cooling tower water conditioning and blowdown control

Grundfos iSOLUTIONS connects a series of smart components to help you optimise your water conditioning process. It combines digital dosing pumps, measurement and control devices plus dosing tank stations. Together these connected components deliver safer, more cost-efficient water conditioning and blowdown control.

Upgrade your knowledge at Grundfos Ecademy

Expert talks on water reuse and water conditioning

Want to learn about water reuse for cooling towers and even deep dive into water conditioning and blowdown control? Grundfos Ecademy invites you to meet our experts and discuss any challenges you may be facing with your cooling tower water reuse process. Watch the video to hear the latest expert advice.

Enhance your water conditioning knowledge

In Grundfos Ecademy, you can learn more about why water reuse makes sense and how to identify your requirements to get started. In addition, get deeper knowledge on water reuse for cooling towers and water conditioning. You will learn about how to mitigate biological contamination, scaling and corrosion.

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