Ensuring reliable and efficient wastewater removal in commercial buildings

Reduce installation complexity and increase backflow protection

Your challenge:

Reliable and efficient wastewater removal is crucial to securing a safe and hygienic environment for a building’s occupants. Pressurised sewage systems are an alternative to traditional gravitation systems that may present a range of challenges. These include:

  • High installation complexity due to many pipes located deep below basement slabs
  • An increased risk of backflow and flooding
  • The risk of leaky, inaccessible pipes located deep below ground or buildings

Our solution:

Grundfos pressurised wastewater solutions offer efficient wastewater removal and maximum backflow protection. They also reduce installation costs and complexity and are designed for fast and easy service. Our solutions include:

  • Pre-assembled lifting stations which are ready for installation, take up very little space, require less planning and don’t require any expensive excavation
  • All-in-one pre-fabricated pumping stations that simplify pit management by reducing construction costs and installation time.

Read more about the importance of reliable and efficient wastewater removal in commercial buildings. Explore the most efficient measures to protect against sewage backflow, as well as how to calculate and size wastewater lifting and pumping stations.

The answer to reliable and efficient wastewater systems

Watch our wastewater application expert discuss the challenge of clogging and level switch failure in commercial buildings. Discover how pumping pits with Grundfos AUTOADAPT functionality and flexible lifting stations ensure worry-free installation and reliable operation.

Wastewater applications

Lifting stations

Grundfos lifting stations are a cost-effective and flexible wastewater solution designed to collect wastewater from sanitary appliances located below the sewer mains. Grundfos offers a full range of pre-fabricated lifting stations, which consist of sturdy and hermetically sealed collecting tanks, one or two outside tank pumps, level sensors, controllers and a wide range of communication possibilities and accessories.




  • Pre-fabricated plug and pump solution
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Single or double pump units
  • Sturdy one-piece moulded collection tank
  • Service friendly with motor outside the tank
  • Non-clogging level sensing system 

Pumping pits

Grundfos pre-fabricated pumping stations are plug-and-pump solutions designed for quick installation. All pumps, controls, tank, pipework, level sensing system, variable speed drive, and a full range of communication possibilities, come in one complete package. The solution offers a sturdy polyethylene, one-piece moulded pumping pit sized to suit your requirements while intelligent control ensures operational efficiency and required safety.

PS. R pumping pits


  • All-in-one pre-fabricated solution
  • Sturdy one-piece moulded pit
  • Corrosion-free pipework and valves
  • High performance AUTOADAPT pumps 

If you know the requirements for your pumping solution, you can use our online Pumping Station Creator to configure a complete pumping pit in less than 15 minutes. The result is a fully documented, CE-marked solution, with all the components designed for perfect compatibility. The CE marking and all relevant EU standards cover the entire pumping station.

See how you can easily size and specify your own pumping station.

Keen to learn more about optimising wastewater removal? Visit the Grundfos Ecademy, our free online training platform, to help you stay up to date on the latest wastewater developments and innovations. Access videos, articles, downloadable presentations and more.

Intelligent solutions for every application

Grundfos offers a range of intelligent and higher performing pumping solutions for any commercial application to ensure optimal efficiency. When the Midea corporation in Shunde, China, opened its first luxury hotel, it therefore turned to Grundfos to optimise several applications as part of one intelligent solution. This included its wastewater, HVAC and boosting systems. Discover how the 28-floor hotel could cut its energy in half and keep comfort at 100%.

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