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Featured theme: Boilers and Systems
Cavitation is the main reason for pump system breakdowns – and the high temperatures in steam boiler systems increase the risk of it occurring.
Recording: Building Information Modelling (BIM)
Recording: Building Information Modelling (BIM)
Extracting water in sand-sensitive aquifers
Extracting water in sand-sensitive aquifers
Featured Theme: Commercial Building Wastewater
How do you keep your building safe from sewage backflow? What is the best practice for calculating flow rates?
Featured Theme: District Energy Application Guide
For communities seeking to promote economic growth while minimising the environmental consequences, district heating and district cooling systems offer a sensible choice. Find inspiration in our District Energy Application Guide.
Featured Theme: Designing Flood Pumping Stations
A poorly designed pumping station is useless when disaster strikes. Our handbook offers guidelines and recommendations for reliable pumping station design that will limit damage to people and infrastructure.
Featured Theme: Mixing for Modern Wastewater Treatment
Do you work with submersible mixers and flowmakers? Correct selection and positioning of the equipment ensures optimal mixing and minimum energy consumption.
Grundfos Hydrogen Sulphide Solution
Grundfos Hydrogen Sulphide Solution automatically monitors actual conditions in sewers and manholes. It measures all H2S occurrences in the manhole. Based on these measurements, the optimal dosage is found and used in the wastewater over the subsequent days. Over time, dosage is regulated to meet daily and seasonal variations.
Pump Handbook
Our Pump Handbook goes beyond the basics of pump design to tackle the details involved in dimensioning pumps and pump systems.
Steam boiler - Achieve energy efficient steam boiler system
With Grundfos iSolutions you can optimise your boiler system steam quality and efficiency. Learn more about energy saving in boiler systems.