Grundfos wastewater expertise helps you achieve energy-efficient mixing

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Grundfos wastewater expertise helps you achieve energy-efficient mixing

Achieving energy-efficient mixing is a good way of lowering energy consumption and operating costs in wastewater treatment, and Grundfos can help you. Our approach is based on achieving the highest possible thrust-to-power ratio, and on designing installations to achieve the desired flow. Every wastewater mixing application and installation has specific requirements, and we take these into account, considering media properties, tank shape, and mixer positioning.

Watch the video and hear how Grundfos can help you ensure energy-efficient design and correct installation in your tank.

Mixers, or agitators, perform many tasks in wastewater treatment: achieving homogenisation of fluids and solids, keeping solids in suspension, creating bulk flow of the whole liquid volume, and much more. With Grundfos, you can perform these tasks in the most energy-efficient manner possible.

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