How to compare life cycle costs

How to compare life cycle costs

Save time finding the most efficient pump by simplified life cycle cost analysis

Simplify your life cycle cost analysis

The process of calculating and comparing the energy efficiency of multiple pumps can take too much time out of your work day. At Grundfos Product Center you can find a pump life cycle cost calculator to help you do this quickly and easily, and make sure you choose the right pump.

Step 1: Sign in to add or select a project 

Select the sign in button at the top of the page and sign in. If you’ve not already added a project, add one now, or select the project you wish.

How to compare life cycle costs

Step 2: Add your product to your project and compare

When you’ve found your product of interest, sign in and then go to ‘Add to project’ and select ‘add to comparison’. 

How to compare life cycle costs

Step 3: Compare the products

Select ‘Compare’ to find the products you’ve added. Then press ‘compare’ again. Click on the life cycle cost and highlight that you want to compare the products by energy consumption. Check ‘full load’ instead of ‘standard profile’ to see the difference when the pump is running on proportional pressure control or full load. You can also see the differences in life cycle costs by using the energy calculation.

How to compare life cycle costs

I’m ready to compare pump life cycle costs


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