How to find specification texts

How to find specification texts

Find specification texts, such as pump-specification pdfs, that help you create a tender that wins the job

Tender information that helps win the work

When you’re creating a tender, you need fast access to the right specification texts, including pump-specification pdfs. At the Grundfos Product Center, you can find the specification texts you’re looking for – in time to submit your tender and win the work.

How to find specification texts

Step 1: Go to Grundfos Product Center

In the search bar at the top, enter the product for which you need specification information.

How to find specification texts

Step 2: Choose your product

You’ll see a list of options. Choose the product you need.

How to find specification texts

Step 3: Click ‘Specifications’

You’ll be presented with a collection of pump data such as technical specifications, material specifications, installation specifications, liquid specifications, electrical data, control specifications and other specifications such as net weight.

How to find specification texts

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