How to get a Grundfos Energy Check

How to get a Grundfos Energy Check

Do you have an overview of your pump energy consumption? Get an Energy Check to find ways to save energy and money

Time for a pump energy audit?

The efficiency of a pump can have a huge impact on your life cycle costs. Changing to energy-efficient pumps can help you reduce energy costs and CO2 emissions – often with a short pay-back time. A Grundfos Energy Check calculates your potential savings and makes suggestions for an efficient, high-performing solution. The resulting report offers a full overview of your pump systems, their current efficiency and how you can realise the financial, operational and environmental savings. 


With Grundfos Energy Check you get:

  • A careful evaluation of life cycle costs
  • Detailed information about your energy-saving potential
  • The possibility to improve the environmental profile of your facility
  • Prioritised installation list, detailing pumps and systems that could benefit from an Energy Check
How to get a Grundfos Energy Check

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Here’s how Grundfos Energy Check works

1. Initial contact – appointment with a consultant

We perform an assessment of the pumps, applications, process flow, etc. on your site.

2. Diagnosis – onsite inspection

We develop a preliminary list of performance data and installed pumps.

3. Proposal – suggested action

You get a quotation based on the on-site inspection and preliminary data.

4. Fulfilment – action

We produce a full report of insights that details your potential energy savings.

5. Assessment – Grundfos Energy Check completed

We present the report and a selection of suitable pump solutions (or we proceed to Grundfos Pump Audit for exact measurements).

6. Follow-up – evaluation

We conduct a follow-up with you to ensure full satisfaction and optimal pump performance. 

How to get a Grundfos Energy Check

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