How to get technical product information

How to get technical product information

Find all the pump specification and technical information you need in one place

The technical information you need is just a few clicks away

From our pump selection guide to pump diagrams and specifications, you can easily access all the technical information you need at the Grundfos Product Center.

Step 1: Search by product name or number

You can type in the product name and press search to find matches. Or if you have the product number, you can search by that as well.

How to get technical product information

Step 2: Select your product and view information

Select your product to get instant access to the performance curve, photo, dimensional drawing, motor curve, wiring diagram, spare parts related to the product and even 3D drawings.

How to get technical product information

Step 3: Click to see further detailed information

You can also view all specifications, find quotation text, videos and documents such as brochures, instructions, service material, data booklets and even BIM drawings. Print any part, save it to a project or export it to your desktop.

How to get technical product information

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Find engineering tools and pump design information for any part of your project.

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