Circulator range

A 1-2 family home or a bigger building? Wherever your next heating job is taking you and whatever the requirements, we’ve got you covered with the market’s best circulator range. The ALPHA family is the ideal choice for homeowners while the MAGNA family takes care of your big customers. Find out in more detail below about the two families and how easy it is to make the right choice for your customers.

“The ALPHA3 gets me a lot of new customers”

Did you know that asking your customers a few simple questions could land you more business? A lot of energy is wasted in 1-2 family homes because the radiators are not correctly balanced. Find out right now how you can help your customers save money while growing your own business.

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Instant hot water

If it’s hot water your customers are after, the COMFORT family will do the job effortlessly. The hot water recirculation pumps will in fact minimise the wait for the water to get warm to bring instant hot water to every tap in the house.

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