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It is important for Grundfos that we help all new colleagues to learn the basics about our history, culture, business and organisation. This is all about enabling you to live up to the expectations you have for yourself, and to help you begin contributing as quickly as possible.

Hello! has hopefully helped you getting on board even before your first official day at Grundfos. For the first few months after you start, the onboarding will continue under the supervision of your manager and colleagues.

In general, we believe that everybody at Grundfos has something to offer and we are committed to unleash the potential of the individual. At the same time, your professional development is also something that will require personal initiative. You will need to think about, plan and pursue your goals with vigour and creativity. And the better you perform, the more opportunities you will get.

You should expect that about 70% of your professional development will come from on-the-job challenges, 20% from mentoring and coaching and 10% from training. Training can be locally driven or coordinated through our own global learning institution, The Poul Due Jensen Academy.

If you have any questions before your first day at Grundfos, feel free to reach out to you manager.

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