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You are now part of a business that is among the world's absolute best at what we do. But what does it mean to be a premium supplier within the global pump market? Well, not only do we produce 17 million pumps each year, and not only do we cover about 50 per cent of the total global market for circulator pumps, we do it with products that are synonymous with quality, innovation, design, manufacturing excellence and energy efficiency.

These capabilities give our brand great credibility and continue to help us address the market trends and megatrends that are important to our customers - and to the world around us.

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A pump is not just a pump

That is why we produce hundreds of different types, from the smallest that supply micro doses of chemicals in the pharmaceutical industry, to the biggest that stand several meters tall and discharge tonnes of waste water for water utilities each minute.

Our pumps are used for pumping drinking water to millions of people's faucets every day, but they are also used for things you might not expect. For example, Grundfos pumps played a part at the World Cup in Brazil by keeping the pitch always ready for play. Our pumps are used in desalination projects, food production, car washes, snow making machines, oil and gas production and to help protect cities and neighbourhoods from flooding.

With such diversity in our products, we pay particular attention to prioritise the most important applications and pump families for the markets we serve. That is why we have defined eight of our pump families as critical for our success.

Applications like e.g. pumping ground water, wastewater treatment and desalination are proven areas for Grundfos in which we must continue to win and defend our market share. Other applications, like fire systems, flood control and food and beverage production are viewed as opportunistic areas for Grundfos' future.

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​Who are our cus​tomers​?

One of the most important things for you in getting to know Grundfos and our business is getting to know our customers.

We have many different kinds of customers. They are homeowners, system builders, industrial partners, distributors, facility and operations managers, and consulting engineers… to name just a few. They have very different needs and concerns. Some buy from us directly, some install and service our products and some simply enjoy the benefits of increased comfort and decreased energy bills.

But three customer profiles are especially important because of their direct involvement in the specification, selection, installation and troubleshooting of our products. These three are: distributors, installers and consulting engineers.

When we talk about our customers, we talk about ensuring the Grundfos Experience - no matter who they are or where they are. The Grundfos Experience is about consistently exceeding expectations and meeting customer needs.

So no matter what your role in Grundfos is, it is crucial that you have a fundamental knowledge of what is important for our customers.

The Grundfos organization

Once you start working, you might find our organisational structure a bit complex. Do not worry – it is a common first impression. Today, we have offices in more than 55 countries and over 19,000 employees worldwide. The global Grundfos organisation consists of a mix of sales and production companies, business development and business support functions. Some of these units work globally - others have a more regional or local nature.

One core element of our structure is what we refer to as "The Matrix Organisation". In this two-dimensional matrix, market knowledge and customer insights lie on one axis (represented by the sales regions), and our longer-term business development activities lie on the other. Close dialogue and cooperation between the two axes helps us truly leverage a customer-centric mindset to create the best solutions for our customers.

The Matrix Organisation cannot succeed without a strong interface and collaboration with production and the whole supply chain as well as strong support from business support functions in Grundfos. Our organisation reflects a strong focus on customers and their needs, and we are all an important part of ensuring the success of Grundfos.

Poul Due Jensen

Group President, CEO

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