250 Grundfos production workers face redundancies

Over the past few weeks stocks have been increasing and production workers have been asked to phase out outstanding off-hours.

- We hope this is a temporary falling-off, and we hope to be able to offer the employees in question work again later on. However, whether this will be possible depends completely on the general development and order intake, says Managing Director, Lars Aagaard, Grundfos A/S.

The reduced order intake is particularly acute in the Danish factory, partly due to reduced sales in the countries close to the Iraqi war zone, such as Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Turkey and Greece, as well as the important American market.

On the other hand, things are going better in other parts of the world, for instance the markets in South East Asia, where the Grundfos Group's factories are not short of orders.

Group Management hopes for and expects improvements in the situation after a clarification of the situation in Iraq is reached, and consequently expects the Group as a whole to achieve the general goals of 2003.