Danish technology moves American wastewater into the future

In the future, Glenbard Wastewater Facility, near Chicago in the US, could be the place other American water companies look to for inspiration for efficient and energy-wise wastewater treatment. A new project lead by Water Technology Alliance Chicago, consisting of leading Danish water technology companies, is to upgrade the wastewater treatment plant. This will not only secure a better water quality of the treated water, but also reduce the energy consumption substantially.

The project is a development and demonstration project, and is expected to be complete in 2019. By then, it will develop, adjust and demonstrate Danish wastewater technology in the US in full scale.

“The potential is good. In the US, there is an increased focus on efficient and environmentally friendly water technologies, and in Grundfos, we have the knowledge and the products that can help do something. At the same time, there is a great business potential in upgrading other treatment plants in the country,” says Thomas Morrison, Executive Vice President, Water Utility at Grundfos in the US.

The development opportunities are further increased by an expectation of tougher demands for the quality of the wastewater being discharged in the US. On top of that, an ESCO financing concept will make it easier for the plant owners to upgrade. Here, the costs of the upgrade will initially be held byn the company behind it, and the buyer pays afterwards through the achieved energy savings.

Water Technology Alliance Chicago is a collaboration between a number of Danish water technology companies, Aarhus Vand and The Trade Council, and the upgrade of Glenbard Wastewater Facility is supported by the Ministry of Environment and Food’s environmental development funds with 10 million Danish Kroner in total.

The Danish companies participating in the project are AVK, Danfoss, DHI, Landia, LINAK, Nissen Energiteknik, Stjernholm and Grundfos.