Grundfos LIFELINK wins global award at Rio+20

June 19th, at a ceremony at the UN conference for sustainable development, Rio+20, Grundfos LIFELINK received an award for our efforts to improve the living standards for the people in some of the world’s most disadvantaged communities. Along with 11 other specially selected organisations and companies, Grundfos LIFELINK was announced winner of the World Business and Development Awards (WBDA).

The award recognises innovative business models that deliver both commercial success and help improve social, economic or environmental conditions.

Ensures sustainable development through innovation
- Long-term access to clean water is one of the first steps towards development, and in this way, the Grundfos LIFELINK solutions are capable of providing the basis for sustainable development for the poorest people in the world. This award emphasises the fact that there is room for companies like Grundfos LIFELINK, which uses technology to focus on long-term sustainability and thus safe water, says Managing Director for Grundfos LIFELINK, Peter Todbjerg Hansen.

The Grundfos LIFELINK water systems have been specifically designed to deliver sustainable drinking water in both urban and rural areas in developing countries. The system consists of quality pumps driven by solar energy as well as an innovative service platform with an automatic payment system and remote surveillance. Since 2009, Grundfos LIFELINK has implemented clean drinking water supply systems for 100,000 people in Kenya. Now, the company expands its activities in a number of countries in Africa and Asia.

- The award winners show that companies can help boost sustainable growth and development. They can be a tremendous source of innovative and sustainable solutions which help transform people’s lives for the better, says Helen Clark, UNDP Administrator.

Grundfos in good company
- Being awarded among so many strong initiatives is a great boost to both Grundfos LIFELINK and the Group as such. We are in good company among present and past award winners who are all leaders within sustainable activities, says Group Vice President Kim Nøhr Skibsted.

Celebrating a decade of biennial award giving, the World Business and Development Awards is organised by International Business Leaders Forum (IBLF), International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in partnership with the Netherland’s Ministry for Foreign Affairs, the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency and the UN Global Compact.

The awards demonstrate how companies, through their core business activities, can help achieve the Millennium Development Goals – eight internationally agreed targets to reduce poverty and environmental degradation.

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