Taking action on water in Budapest

How can we get clean water for everyone by 2030? That is one of the main questions discussed at the Budapest Water Summit 2016. Here, around 1,800 participants, including heads of state and ministers from several world countries, top business leaders and representatives from leading international organizations, meet to learn from each other, and best-practice examples.

Grundfos Group Vice President, Water Utility, Kenth Hvid Nielsen, is in Budapest, and among other things, he was part of one of the panel debates, specifically focusing on the availability of clean water.

“This is a challenge, which needs solving. We need to take action, and from my point of view, it is great that business, organizations and politicians, work on solving this together. We have the technology needed to make a great difference, but we need to cooperate in order to gain traction in this work. Now it is important to make an impact through action,” he says.

The summit runs for three days, 28 to 30 November, and among other things the findings from here will be used to form basis for the next steps in working towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goal 6, which aims at securing universal access to clean water and sanitation for everyone by 2030.