A new cooperation on water

For the coming three years we will be joining forces with PUB in Singapore to bring innovative water technologies alive. This is possible, as our company in the city-state, which is considered to be one of the world’s leading water hubs, has signed a new cooperation agreement with the Agency. The aim is to develop new solutions as regards water treatment, water quality monitoring and new digital solutions, as well as to ensure even better use of efficient pump technologies.

“The need for water in Singapore is rising and expected to double by 2060. To meet the need in the best possible way, it is central to Singapore to continue investing in research and development to ensure a sustainable water supply for generations to come. Therefore, we are also very excited to continue and expand our cooperation with Grundfos,” says Harry Seah, PUB’s Assistant Chief Executive for Future Systems and Technology.

Building on a solid foundation
The cooperation between PUB and Grundfos, which took off in 2014, is both about developing new water technologies, but also about using the existing opportunities optimally, for instance by implementing water and energy efficient pump solutions in Singapore’s water infrastructure.
These are favourable conditions to the development work, but also to the commercial:

“The partnership does not only support Singapore’s efforts of ensuring a sustainable water supply, it will also inspire other countries and cities in their work. This fits well with our ambitions of being a global role model in terms of both water and climate,” says Kim Jensen, Reginal Managing Director, APREG, Grundfos.

Already by now, water treatment projects that use filter cake filtration and intelligent monitoring of bacteria levels in drinking water have been initiated in Singapore.

The agreement was signed in July by Harry Seah and Kim Jensen.