Acknowledged as an innovative supplier

Group Director, Global Direct Accounts, Ole Gerlich and Area Service Manager, Lasse Mikkelsen received the prize on behalf of Grundfos and estimates that it is especially our great energy-efficient products that are customized to fit Alfa Laval’s requirements in combination with counselling that makes Grundfos deserving this award.

“However, it is more than that. It means a lot that we keep our promises and that Alfa Laval experiences Grundfos as one supplier that provides the same good service everywhere in the world and finds reasonable solutions if a problem occur,” Ole Gerlich explains.

Pumps for many purposes.

Grundfos is Alfa Laval’s preferred pump supplier and provides the company with more than 1000 pumps for a wide range of different purposes every year. Among other things, the pumps are used in processes in the shipping industry, the paper industry, the mining industry, where they transfer heat and cold and manage ballast water.

The picture shows Ole Gerlich (right) receiving the award from Sourcing Manager Ulf Lindenström from Alfa Laval (left).