After the tsunami

The Indonesian Aceh province was hit the hardest. In the fishing village Calang on the west coast of Sumatra, all houses but one were washed into the sea, and 80 per cent of the 9,000 inhabitants in the village died.
Following consultation with the authorities in Aceh, Grundfos decided to focus its efforts in this area.
The pictures in this article were taken eight months after the disaster hit Calang.

Grundfos' efforts in Calang have now been completedBy mid-March 2006 four complete water supply systems were finished and officially inaugurated at a ceremony held in the rebuilt An-Nur mosque. In addition to representatives from the provincial government and leading religious leaders, the ceremony was attended by General Manager Iwan D. Irwanto of Grundfos Indonesia.
He said: "The money for these water systems was collected from among Grundfos employees from all over the world. We all feel that Aceh is a part of us."

The four systems supply a total of 600 families with clean water. A total of 33 Grundfos pumps are used, including the SP, SQ, CH, CR, JDF and JPF pumps as well as four reservoir tanks. New wells or boreholes have been established, and water quality is ensured by filtering the water through gravel packs and well screens. One plant has also been equipped with a simple reverse osmosis system.

In addition to these four systems, a similar system has been installed in a refugee camp in the country town Meulaboh, 200 km from Calang.