ALPHA3 takes top spot in Germany

After only a little more than three months in the market, the ALPHA3 circulator from Grundfos is already making its mark in Germany. At the Plus X Awards, where new and innovative technologies are highlighted, it was deemed outstanding in the categories Innovation, High Quality, Functionality and Ecology.

“We want to raise the bar for what is possible within efficiency and innovation with our technology. Being awarded in four heavy categories at an important event like the Plus X Awards is a huge recognition of our efforts,” says Michael Skjoldemose, Global Product Manager, and continues:

“We are hugely invested in developing and producing high quality and innovative products that are easy to use and has a positive environmental impact. This is what we are being recognized for, and in a core business area of ours at that too, and this means a lot to us.”

The ALPHA3 comes with the energy efficient attributes known from its predecessors as well as new smart features, including the option of handling hydraulic balancing of private homes by using no more than the pump’s built in intelligence, a newly developed ALPHA reader and a smartphone.

The Plus X Awards are evaluated in seven different categories and handed out by an independent panel of judges from 26 industries. It was the 13th time, the award was handed out. Grundfos has previously been judged best in class at the Plus X Awards for the Sololift2, the MAGNA3 and the ALPHA2.