Application for mobile phone

If an installer is with a customer and finds out that he does not have the Grundfos pump or spare part he needs, there is no reason to panic if he has Grundfos’ new, small application on his mobile phone.

Guide to the target
"The application which may be installed on, for instance, an iPad or an iPhone, can, based on the owner’s position, give a complete list of the nearest Grundfos product distributor, including company name, address, phone no., e-mail, website, and even an itinerary", Kim Klastrup, Director, Corporate Brand Development, explained.

The primary target group of the application are installers who work with Grundfos’ products every day, but it may also be used by, for example, project employees who work with installations abroad, and on foreign soil the application can really make a difference with its detailed guide to the nearest distributor.

All over the world
"The application is accessible at no cost from 10 September 2010. So far USA, Denmark, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Spain can be covered by the application but we aim at extending coverage to apply for all Grundfos companies and distributors all over the world," said Mr Klastrup.